Saturday, 29 September 2012

And the little 2

That's my Happy Guy!
Tristan turned 2 while we were in the US in August, so instead of a party, he got several parties each time we visited someone new. But he didn't get a blog entry, so he deserves that as well. While 2 has brought some additional challenges, like when he is determined that even though it is 90 degrees out I need to wear shoes, not sandals, and yes, the world will end if I don't, in general he continues to be his easy-going self, nearly always cheerful, loves to laugh, talks up a storm, loves to help out, and definitely the peace-maker around here. If he hears anyone mention they need something in passing he is off to go and find it. A little sneeze and he comes running with a tissue for his big sis. When there is a disagreement he is always the first to change his tune and when asked to compromise. For example if he and Amelia are both yelling and fighting that they each want the green cup, I'll ask if he can have yellow, he will totally stop, say "OK," hand Amelia the green cup and go on like absolutely nothing was the matter 5 seconds ago.  He is my special little guy.
Hanging out with Cousin Calvin
Notice any family resemblance? 

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