Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Not only was it warm and sunny in Shanghai, but I got to go with my beautiful family to the zoo for a picnic, followed by a treasure hunt set up by Amelia, a nice massage, and dinner out. What a great day.

Amelia in particular wanted to make a special day out of it for me. When I suggested on Saturday night that we go out to dinner she pouted and said she didn't want to. Usually she loves restaurants, so when pressed about why she didn't want to go out she replied "Because I want to go out tomorrow for Mother's Day."

Here is some of my Mother's Day loot:

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

By request

A friend really wanted Tristan reading "Pete the Cat" so here is another video. This boy cracks me up. Especially when he side bars during the middle of the story "Pete is drinking tea, it is hot, he has to blow on it."

Tristan Reads "Go Dog Go"

Tristan has been "reading" his bedtime books a lot lately. It is pretty cool how we can read a book to him only a couple of times and then the next time he picks it up and gets most of it himself. He has been reading this one for a few months, but the video camera battery needed replacing and I finally got around to it and made this video to share: