Saturday, 24 March 2012


View of the City
Flowering Trees

View in the Park

One thing Amelia really doesn't like about China is all of the attention she gets for being a cute, blond, little girl. Yesterday we took our first real family outing and went to XuanWuhu Park, a beautiful park on the islands of the big lake right next to downtown. There were tons of other people there since the weather was great and it was a Saturday (and, um, it's China), and I think the children had their picture taken at least 100 times (we still don't know what they do with these photos). Tristan of course doesn't understand or mind, but Amelia does not enjoy it, and it happens daily, even when we go to the grocery store. I guess it gives us a taste of what it must be like to be famous, and I must admit I do not enjoy having to try to protect them from that, and to explain to people in a language I don't speak that I won't force my daughter to get her picture taken for the sake of a stranger who is the 20th (or 50th) person that day to try to do so. If she wants to cover her face with her hat that is just fine with me. An ice cream cone was able to diffuse her anger, but unfortunately she will have to develop a thicker skin over the next few years here. Luckily she still seemed OK smiling when I held the camera.
Preparing for the Onslaught
Still Smiling for Mommy

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