Friday, 9 March 2012

All Together Again

Yesterday everybody arrived home from quarantine, yea! Our agent had made a special petition for Blaze so he never went to quarantine, but the other three were there from when we arrived on March 2 until yesterday. So really only 6 days (normally it is 14-21 with a maximum of 30), and the kids and I got to visit them all once when they were there. They all generally seemed fine after quarantine, though Tazzy was very much in need of a bath. Baba seems to have lost a little weight, but after arriving at our house she quickly found a spot she liked to lie down and I put a bed there for her and she seems content. Since Blaze was with us the whole time he is already getting used to the new house and routine, but once his friends arrived yesterday it was an exciting reunion. They all seemed to do well on the flight. The cats were with us and were only slightly hesitant to use the tiny makeshift litterbox I prepared for them, the dogs were quite thirsty when they arrived. We had left them with frozen water bowls, but I am guessing they didn't last too long and we were travelling for nearly 16 hours. We filled up Tazzy's water bowl three times before she got taken away for quarantine, but we were at least glad that we got to see her and make sure she was doing well before she left. So that is the news from our four legged family. Walking around our neighborhood there are actually quite a few other dogs, which surprises me, but is nice to see.

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