Monday, 3 June 2013

Our Little Star

Waiting Patiently
Tristan had his first modeling gig today, which was for a clothing catalog. He was such a champ, and in his mother's honest and totally unbiased opinion, he was absolutely adorable. He smiled on command, flashed the photographer his little smirk, and pretty much made anything nearby look fashionable. Amelia also had her first shoot 2 weeks ago, for a toy company, but it was so quick I forgot to get my phone out and take pictures. She really enjoyed it and is hoping to do more in the future, so I'll take some next time.

This is one of those things we never would have considered at home, but when you stand out in the crowd as much as we do over here the unique factor is in high demand. And since the kids were excited for it and the hourly rate is higher than Dan's salary, we figured we would give it a shot. We don't expect careers to develop out of this, but for the time being the kids are having fun and we hope to get some pretty great professional photos out of the gig.

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