Monday, 25 June 2012

We're Still Here!

I can't believe we went two months without posting...I guess in some ways you can take that as a good thing, since that means we have been keeping ourselves busy in other ways.

May started out with our first visitor, as Grandma Karen made the trip and got to spend her 60th Birthday with us. The kids got to have a lot of wonderful Grandma time, and I was able to actually get a few things accomplished. Unfortunately one of those things was to take our second cat, Baba, to a western vet in Shanghai where we learned that she has a tumor in her abdomen that is most likely cancer. It wasn't a huge surprise, since she is FeLV positive, but still not good to hear. We have tried some new therapies that seem to be making her feel better, including a new trial drug from Malaysia (more on that later), so hopefully we can at least give her a good quality of life in whatever time she has left with us, which has been our goal since we pulled her off the street last summer.

Just a few days after my mom left, our container finally arrived! It only took 11.5 weeks, and then it was like Christmas, except with way more work organizing everything afterwards. Amelia was shrieking and dancing when nearly every single box was opened and it's contents revealed (oh wow, look at that! Salad tongs and a can opener and a frying pan, hehehe!) Now we feel like have things basically organized, but still a long list of things we want to do and buy to make the place feel like home. And there is still currently nothing on the walls, so still a ways to go.

June brought us Amelia's school production (will post photos separately), a 10 day trip for Dan to Australia and New Zealand, which felt like a long time to those of us still at home, and a family vacation to Malaysia. I'll try to post more on these soon, but wanted to post something to let everyone know we are still out here!

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  1. So great to read the update. Can't wait to see all the photos and see you soon. Love, Gemma