Sunday, 1 April 2012

No Foolin'

In what I hope to be the first of many installments of interesting and amusing signs we see during our stay in China. Here is a good one from our walk yesterday:
Ooops, forgot a very important word here...what could it be?
And a little family photo. Currently Spring is in full force with trees in bloom everywhere you look.
Amelia is still not fond of everyone wanting to take her picture, however, when we saw a wedding couple taking photos in the park and they asked Amelia to be in one, she could not say no, after all she was going to get her picture taken with a bride, a BRIDE! And she had flowers, and a tiara, and PINK SHOES, and did we mention that Amelia is a little obsessed with brides and weddings at the moment? 


  1. You all look so beautiful and ready for Spring. Keep the news coming - we miss you all a bunch
    Gemma & Papa Pierre

  2. wow....Amelia is FAMOUS! So I guess that means you just HAVE to come back for Tiffany and Dez's wedding :) missing you all!

  3. Jenny...your wish is my command, we got our tickets (at least for 3 of us, Dan probably won't make it) this week. Amelia, Tristan and I will be escaping the Nanjing summer heat, humidity and mosquitoes for a west coast tour of SoCal and Oregon, including the wedding!

  4. Interesting addendum...a friend here told us one sign by a lake reads "No Swimming" in Chinese, but in English it reads "Swim at your own Risk." Hmmm...